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The staff of Impact Environmental is dedicated to providing expert services for its clients. Our dedication stems from our enthusiasm, is tempered by our expertise and polished by our diversity of experience.

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Richard Parrish, P.G.

Rich Parrish has been the President and Chief Executive Officer of Impact Environmental, and its Senior Consulting Geologist since he founded the firm in 1989. He has over 30 years of experience working as an environmental professional in the New York metropolitan area. He has shaped Impact Environmental into a full-service environmental remediation and waste management consulting firm operating in over a dozen states. Successfully taking on world-class projects, Mr. Parrish has skillfully led Impact Environmental in retaining the largest construction and development companies in the world. Mr. Parrish’s experiences and skills have made him as fluent in the legal language of the industry, as he is in the technical language.

During his career with Impact Environmental he has overseen the performance of over 5,000 Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments, designed over 200 gasoline station release investigations and recoveries, directly supervised the investigation and remediation of over a dozen state listed Inactive Hazardous Waste Disposal Sites, navigated more than 20 clients through all phases of the Brownfield and Voluntary Cleanup Acts and authored over 20 Beneficial Use Determinations for the recycling of contaminated media.

His recent professional achievements have led to the development of a Class B Recycling Center in Lyndhurst, NJ taking in material from many of the major capital construction projects all over the region. Mr. Parrish has worked tirelessly to navigate the completion of Brownfield Industrial Sites to meet full government compliance. He also has permitted over 10 solid waste recycling facilities located in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania to accept contaminated media for recycling. These include Former General Motors site in Linden, New Jersey, the former Hudson County Landfill at Lincoln Park, the former Diamond Chemical Company Plant in Lyndhurst, New Jersey, the former Atlas Cement Quarry in Northampton, Pennsylvania and the former New Jersey Zinc West smelting plant in Palmerton, Pennsylvania.

Scott Aschoff

Scott Aschoff has been a Principal at Impact Environmental since 2016. He comes to Impact with well over 20 years experience as a Senior Officer in private finance and investment banking. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with a Master’s degree & Bachelor’s degree in Organization Dynamics and Business Administration & Marketing, respectively. He is a proven business leader with expertise in strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, and organizational development. His vision has created successful organizational cultures in award-winning corporate global operations, technology and compliance platforms. As a corporate officer in a variety of financial firms, Mr. Aschoff demonstrated strong operations, systems and business leadership skills and established a track record in change management and organizational effectiveness. He was a founding member of DLJdirect formerly, CSFBdirect and Harrisdirect, LLC.

Xin Yuan, P.E.

As Senior Environmental Analyst for the waste management side of the company, Xin Yuan has led some of Impact Environmental’s largest projects. He is currently professionally credentialed as a Professional Engineer. His skills at design and implementation of remediation plans for contaminated sites and his ability to act as an on-site manager have made him an essential part of the waste management team. Mr. Yuan actively works in analyzing compliance and permitting work for several waste disposal and beneficial reuse projects. He has made his mark as an integral part of such projects as the Columbia University Manhattanville Redevelopment, the Former New Jersey Zinc Co. West Plant Remediation Project and the Morris Blanchard Redevelopment.

Kevin Kleaka, P.G.

Kevin Kleaka is Executive Vice President and Partner at Impact Environmental. He started with Impact in 1994, early in its history, and is principally responsible for the environmental consulting engineering practice across the country. He is responsible for the company’s environmental assessment, consulting, remediation, construction support and engineering projects. His long-term history and dedication with the company serves as the foundation for many client relationships and drives the overall management of the company. Mr. Kleaka’s expertise is derived from years of experience with Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, field sampling, drilling, geophysical surveys, petroleum spill investigation and remediation, underground injection control programs, Brownfield Program redevelopment sites, construction sites, Superfund cleanup sites, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act closures, underground storage tank compliance, vapor intrusion investigations and engineering control design and implementation.

Mr. Kleaka works with numerous clients, including financial lenders and investors, private real estate owners, developers, insurance companies, government agencies, construction companies, and attorneys to navigate the complex environmental regulations in New York State, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. He is responsible for a skillful team of geologists, hydrogeologists, engineers, environmental scientists, and field technicians. His team is very dedicated and consistently exceeds client expectations through the successful completion of hundreds of projects each year.

Christine Bell

Christine Bell has been a part of the Impact Environmental family for over 15 years, starting out at the front desk and progressing to Director of Business through her hard work and dedication. As one of the senior administrative staff members, Ms. Bell has been an integral part of implementing multiple systems to improve efficiency of day-to-day operations. Ms. Bell is also responsible for the financial management of our environmental consulting division. With her extensive knowledge of the industry and resourceful skillset, Christine exemplifies the standard at which Impact Environmental operates.


Greg Mendez-Chicas has quickly become a leading member of Impact Environmental’s project management team, responsible for coordinating large-scale capital projects and other special projects for the company. Serving as Assistant Environmental Coordinator on several large contracts of the $8.24 billion New York City MTA/LIRR East Side Access Project, Greg has successfully managed environmental construction support services on the Amtrak Sunnyside Yard, a Class II New York State Inactive Hazardous Waste Site. Other areas of expertise include Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessment, spill closures, waste management, public agency permitting, regulatory negotiations, stormwater pollution prevention planning, chemical storage tank compliance, asbestos inspection, engineering controls, vapor intrusion and indoor air quality studies. With a talent for leadership, diplomacy, and client relationships, he is adept at managing complex and highly political projects. Greg has over 6 years of experience in the environmental field, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science, and is a New York State licensed asbestos inspector and Erosion & Sediment Control Qualified Inspector.


Juliana de la Fuente

Juliana de la Fuente joins Impact Environmental as a results-driven environmental professional with over 22 years of experience. For over two decades she has leveraged technical expertise to implement and manage environmental projects for a diverse range of public and private industry clients, including state and federal agencies, law firms, real estate developers, construction companies, public utilities, transportation companies, communication companies, retail gas station owners, major oil companies, and military contractors. Highlights of project experience include Environmental Site Assessments, remedial investigations, feasibility studies, remedial action work plans, tank closures, Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) remediation, groundwater remediation system implementation and operations, in situ bioremediation and chemical oxidation, indoor air quality studies, asbestos sampling, waste management, and environmental support for construction and dewatering projects. Juliana holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science with a concentration in Geology and maintains over 15 environmental training certifications.


Jon Morgan

Jon Morgan has over 20 years of experience in construction. Over that time he has been an integral on-site member of the Impact Environmental team. Large to small scale jobs fall comfortably under Mr. Morgan’s skill set. A natural leader with an ability to think outside the box, his presence on site makes sure work is done efficiently and correctly. Now as Vice President of Impact SiteWorks he leads a team of heavy equipment operators and other workers to make sure that every facility and site is safe, compliant and efficient. From the first boots on the ground to the completion of work he and his team are integral to a smooth workflow.

Nathan Kalenich

Nathan Kalenich joined Impact Environmental with tremendous experience in waste management and material supply. He manages the Impact Materials division in manufacturing recycled products from the Impact Reuse and Recovery Center (IRRC) in Lyndhurst, New Jersey. Within a few short years, he has managed to ramp up production at IRRC facility to form an efficient and exemplary Class B Recycling Center. Impact Materials currently offers recycled concrete, soil and bluestone products that can meet the most stringent environmental criteria as well as meeting the required Geotechnical Specification.

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