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Project Value $25 million

Queen’s Launch Tunnel Project

Impact’s Waste Management Team was chosen to be the Environmental Coordinator of record for the Queen’s Launch Tunnel Project.

This is one of New York City’s largest projects undertaken in the last decade. Impact Environmental secured the contract because the project perfectly blended the firm’s two principal areas of business: consulting and contracting. Specifically, this involves our consulting expertise in groundwater dewatering issues combined with the contracting of off-site soil management. The project called for the removal of 1 million tons of soil.

We first researched and reviewed all historical land use information that dated back to the late 1800’s. This covered miles of land along the project site. We performed a visual inspection to determine any potential sources of contamination, then compared our visual findings to the historical records.

We then compiled hundreds of laboratory samples and reports. We analyzed the data, classified the waste, and distilled the project down to simple procedures for managing the entire waste site. After determining the levels of constituents using criteria based on regulatory limits, we identified the options for its removal and reuse. We are transported the soil and rock off site and the material is currently being beneficially reused as engineering control media at approved Brownfield and mine reclamation sites.

Impact successfully completed waste-support related services for the CQ31 portion of the four Queens tunnel structures in 2013 – within the allotted 18-month period. We safely removed over 10,000 linear feet of tunnel soil and rock. Impact is currently providing environmental and engineering services for the CH053, CH054, CQ032 contracts for the project.

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