Environmental Consulting

We Understand Business Risk.

Impact Environmental has been a leading provider of environmental services for more than twenty five years. Clients stay with us because we frame environmental issues and decisions through a business lens. Protecting your legacy requires forward thinking. Our unique business-minded perspective enables us to clearly understand our clients’ interests, and customize an approach to each project which minimizes liability and protects valuable assets. This vision, coupled with a relentless commitment to customer concerns, quality work, and exceptional standards, is the key to our history of success. Consider us your long-term business partners. Let us navigate you to solid ground.

Impact Environmental has a solid reputation in the industry for technical and regulatory expertise, and can provide competitive pricing across a broad range of professional services including environmental consulting, environmental site assessments, site characterization, remediation services, construction support and engineering.

Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)

We Understand Property Value and Liability.

With over two and a half decades of experience in property transactions, our site assessment teams are highly skilled professionals with a proven track record of exceptional client service. After years of conducting ESAs throughout the Northeast region, we have a firm understanding of how the fast-track works, to fully assess environmental risk associated with real properties, and still meet your deadlines. Our teams stay ahead of the curve through awareness of changing industry protocols, regulatory requirements, and emerging technologies that streamline performance of ESAs. Welcome to peace of mind.

Banks, attorneys, insurance companies, real estate investment firms, and construction managers involved with the purchase, sale or management of real properties routinely turn to us to conduct on-time expert Environmental Site Assessments. Where issues present themselves, we put our creative expertise to work in order to present strategies that offer the most practical solutions.

Our Priorities Are Your Priorities.

We use proprietary database systems and software to manage personnel, multiple complex transactions, requisite deadlines and shifting schedules. This allows us to move a project forward through a series of predetermined steps sequenced for your target deadline. We provide our clients with professionally crafted, detailed reports that include accurate mapping and graphics to clearly support our recommendations with straight talk. We don’t stop there – we continue to partner with our clients all the way through the decision-making process.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

Defining true environmental liability starts here. Our clients rely upon our Phase I ESAs to avoid buying unknown problems or long-term environmental liabilities, and to provide third-party entities with an accurate idea of the property’s value as collateral. By following American Standard for Testing and Materials standards (ASTM E1527-13), our Phase I ESAs serve as due diligence to establish a proper “innocent landowner” defense by meeting “All Appropriate Inquiries (AAI)” requirements. When a full Phase I ESA is not warranted, we offer alternatives such as Transaction Screens (ASTM 1528-06), Vapor Encroachment Screening (ASTM E2600-10), or Building Materials Surveys (asbestos containing materials, lead based paint, mold, PCBs, mercury, and more).

Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

Comprehensive client liability protection is our deliverable, with an exceptional standard of care that is applied to every project. Where recognized environmental conditions (RECs) are identified, we design and execute an appropriate Phase II ESA to protect our clients from unnecessary risk. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows for quick response time and efficient data collection, while offering more flexibility and cost reduction to our clients. For instance, Impact Environmental owns and operates a fleet of Geoprobe® vehicle-mounted hydraulic probing systems that can be quickly mobilized to collect soil, groundwater, or vapor samples. This enables us to deliver a highly accurate professionally crafted report that precisely defines environmental issues. Findings reports are confidentially retained in our electronic archive library for future client support.

Site Characterization

We Define Risk.

A comprehensive site investigation is the key to unlocking remediation options. Fully defining the nature and extent of contamination on a property saves time and money during the remediation phase. Once the extent of contamination is defined, our experienced project managers can design an appropriate and cost effective remediation plan that works right the first time. Our multi-disciplinary team has investigated thousands of sites throughout the Northeast, ranging from small corner gas stations and dry cleaners, to large industrial properties and international airport terminals. We have thousands of site closures with our name on them.

Site characterization cannot be a cookie-cutter approach. Impact Environmental has investigated a broad spectrum of contaminated sites, such as petroleum spills involving underground storage tanks, industrial discharges to underground injection wells, and hazardous waste spills from chemical storage. By using state-of-the-art field equipment and State-certified laboratories to test various media, we accurately characterize subsurface soil, sediment, surface waters, groundwater, soil vapor intrusion, and air quality. To ensure accuracy, our field technicians are trained to be experts in decontamination protocols, OSHA safety, sample preservation, quality control, and sample selection.

We Substantiate the Intangible.

It is all too common for undue responsibility to be placed on the innocent property owners and corporations. Many properties may have been contaminated years ago before the onset of environmental regulations and due diligence standards. In other instances, a property may have become contaminated from nearby sites through migration of chemicals in groundwater or subsurface vapors. We have a firm grasp of contaminant fate and transport in various geological and hydrological settings. Seeing what others cannot allows us to bring tangible results to our clients.

It is paramount to our clients to determine when contamination is the responsibility of third parties from previous owners or suspected off-site sources of contamination. Our investigation results are used to support legal strategies or insurance claims that lead to cost recovery. Impact Environmental provides professional litigation support and expert witness services as part of our service continuum. Let us be the expert on your side of the table.


We Restore Sites.

Effective remediation unlocks the value of a property and brings it back to financial viability. Our comprehensive front end investigations help establish which remediation solutions are most practical and cost-effective. By evaluating site-specific conditions alongside client objectives, Impact Environmental strategically implements institutional controls, engineering controls, and remedial technologies such as ex-situ soil excavation and off-site disposal, soil vapor extraction, air sparging, dual phase extraction, groundwater pump and treat, enhanced fluid recovery, in-situ chemical oxidation, in-situ bioremediation, enhanced bioremediation, bioventing, bio-seeding, metals stabilizing, capping, sub-slab depressurization systems (SSDS), vapor barriers, monitored natural attenuation, and plume modeling/risk-based closures.

Staying Ahead of the Curve.

The regulatory community continues to evolve its focus to push more remedial oversight responsibility to consultants, such as with New Jersey’s 2012 implementation of the Site Remediation Reform Act (SRRA), mandating Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) oversight. Impact Environmental has long been taking more responsibility for the oversight of environmental investigations and cleanups, a proactive vision that has enabled us to outpace the competition and provide exceptional value to our clients.

Our History of Success is found in the Remediation of Contaminated sites such as:
  • Brownfield Redevelopment Sites
  • Commercial Properties
  • Airport Terminals
  • Rail Yards
  • Industrial Properties
  • Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) Sites
  • Dry Cleaning Facilities
  • Petroleum Spill Sites
  • Superfund (CERCLA) or Inactive Hazardous Waste Disposal Sites
  • Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Closures
Returning Brownfields to the Black.

Impact Environmental has helped spur public and private economic activity throughout the Northeast by assisting developers in obtaining grants, tax credits and other incentives for the development or adaptive reuse of contaminated sites. Creative approaches to restoration are critical to returning value to impacted former commercial and industrial properties of all sizes, and often require a combination of remediation, engineering controls, and institutional controls. Impact Environmental has the experience and personnel to navigate the complexity of brownfield redevelopment, while maintaining the necessary sensitivity to both environmental and business objectives.

Construction Support

Navigating the Critical Path

Having built a solid reputation on some of the largest and most significant municipal infrastructure projects in New York City history, Impact Environmental has proven itself as one of the few environmental consulting companies that can effectively implement construction support services on both a large and small scale. Our project experience and the wide range of disciplines within the Impact Environmental nexus of companies has heightened our sensitivity to the importance of quick response to meet the client’s schedule and critical path considerations. As part of the client team, we are focused on bringing solutions to the table instead of putting up roadblocks. We speak the language of specs, and strive to be a client advocate when the project team is seeking change orders or contract modifications.

Critical to a complex construction project is a firm understanding of preliminary project planning, including such elements as identifying anticipated regulatory interface, procuring environmental permits, performing environmental inspections, preparing sampling and contaminant contingency plans, conducting air monitoring, providing waste management guidance, conducting noise and vibration monitoring, identifying archaeological/historical considerations, providing building materials surveys in advance of proposed demolition (asbestos containing materials, lead based paint, PCBs, mold, mercury, and more), conducting environmental health and safety monitoring, and conducting stormwater inspections.

To keep any project moving, an expert consultant must be an expert at administrative deliverables as well. Impact Environmental has the backend administrative support to handle the immense recordkeeping and submittal requirements mandated by owners and government entities. Ranging from insurance, to payroll records, to quality control provisions, to accident prevention reporting, we have the systems and staff in place to expeditiously provide required documentation and backup.

Waste Characterization

Impact Environmental was a pioneer of the current regional testing methodology for in-situ soil characterization, establishing planimetric grid zones across the excavation area based on current and historic property uses. Composite and grab samples are collected over random intervals across the planned excavated depth profile, and laboratory analysis is conducted to encompass a wide range of requirements for multiple disposal and beneficial reuse facilities across several states. We bring a wide set of disposal options to the table, to help our clients realize significant transport and disposal cost savings opportunities.



Building Trust.

The backbone of Impact Environmental’s design and compliance sections is comprised of Professional Engineers (PEs) certified across multiple states, boasting a broad civil engineering expertise in multiple disciplines such as environmental, hydrogeology, geotechnical, soil mechanics, air, and water resources.

Permit Planning, Procurement, and Compliance are Second Nature to us.

The importance of initial permit planning cannot be understated, and if not handled properly can grind work to a halt on a project or result in violations or significant fines. Permits for stormwater management, sewer discharge, air emissions, solid waste handling, drilling, well pumping, chemical storage, and construction in wetlands or coastal areas are a few examples of common permits required at the federal, state, or municipal levels. Procurement and maintenance of these permits require qualified individuals with experience navigating the system.

Dewatering Design and Management that Keeps your Head Above Water.

Impact Environmental has distinguished itself as an expert consultant and design engineer for construction dewatering and water treatment systems. As owner’s representatives, we offer consultation and planning on dewatering projects of varying size and complexity, based on a fundamental understanding of multiple dewatering approaches, such as deep wells, well-point systems, and conventional sump systems. Our experience uniquely positions us to perform preliminary hydraulic aquifer tests, evaluate water control design options for different foundation and shoring scenarios, evaluate contamination profiles to recommend groundwater treatment or disposal alternatives, and procure groundwater discharge permits. Our groundwater management services are geared towards testing, approval, documentation, and discharge or disposal of contaminated groundwater or wastewater.

Construction dewatering and groundwater treatment system installation and maintenance services are provided by our affiliate company, Engineering Control Corp (ECC).  ECC has been providing these services for over 8 years, and maintains an N3 Operator licensed in New Jersey to conduct groundwater and wastewater treatment.