Environmental Consulting and Remediation

Critical Thinking

At Impact Environmental, we understand property value & liability.

With extensive experience in property assessment and remediation, Impact teamed the most knowledgeable and dedicated environmental engineers and scientists with the latest tools and technology. This world-class capability delivers clients superior quality and exceptional service. Our teams stay ahead of the curve through awareness of changing industry protocols, regulatory requirements, and emerging technologies.

Banks, attorneys, insurance companies, real estate investment firms, and construction managers involved with the purchase, sale or management of real properties routinely turn to us to see them through the process. Comprehensive client liability protection is our deliverable, with an exceptional standard of care that is applied to every project.

Unlocking Your Property’s Value
Unlocking the value of distressed commercial and industrial properties, commonly designated as “Brownfields”, through strategic remediation is the key to bringing back financial viability. We have the experience and personnel to navigate complex Brownfield redevelopment projects while maintaining the sensitivity to both environmental and business objectives for all stakeholders.

We Get It Right The First Time
Conducting remediation concurrent with redevelopment activities is our specialty. Years of experience and proper project planning prevent bottlenecks and unexpected duplication of environmental work. Using the latest technology and insight of critical path items keeps a project on track. Our experience and vision of critical path items keeps project timelines and budgets on track. As part of the client team, we are focused on bringing solutions to the table instead of putting up roadblocks. We take pride in our engineering expertise that serves as the technical foundation for client success. We apply innovative solutions to remediation challenges as the building blocks for long term partnerships.

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Our Priorities Are Your Priorities.

We use state-of-the-art proprietary database systems and software to manage personnel, multiple complex transactions, requisite deadlines and shifting schedules. This allows us to move a project forward through a series of predetermined steps sequenced for your target deadline. We provide our clients with professionally crafted, detailed reports that include accurate mapping and graphics to clearly support our recommendations with straight talk. We don’t stop there – we continue to partner with our clients all the way through the decision-making process.

Site Characterization

There are typically many sources of information with respect to the nature of any waste material. There is the data the generator of the waste product has — and then there is the data the generator needs for proper waste disposal. EDEN performs the leg-work to collect everything needed to start and complete your project successfully. Whether it’s records about the location of former tanks at a property or detailed information about an industrial waste production method – our team has the critical knowledge and experience.

Where additional testing is required, we deploy our team of field scientists to collect surface or subsurface samples for laboratory analysis. We provide accurate testing by implementing a systematic gridding method that divides a construction or remedial site into zones, identifying the current and past uses of the property. Think of our team as a data valet that understands the intricacies of laboratory data, computer databases and regulatory records.

Innocent property owners and corporations. Many properties may have been contaminated years before the onset of environmental regulations and due diligence standards. In other instances, a property may have become contaminated from nearby sites through migration of chemicals in groundwater or subsurface vapors. We have a firm grasp of contaminant fate and transport in various geological and hydrological settings. Seeing what others cannot allows us to bring real results to our clients.

It is paramount to our clients to determine when contamination is the responsibility of third parties from previous owners or suspected off-site sources. Our investigation results are used to support legal strategies or insurance claims that lead to cost recovery. Impact Environmental provides professional litigation support and expert witness services as part of our service continuum. Let us be the expert on your side of the table.

Building Trust

The backbone of Impact Environmental’s design and compliance sections is comprised of Professional Engineers (PEs) certified across multiple states, boasting a broad civil engineering expertise in multiple disciplines such as environmental, hydrogeology, geotechnical, soil mechanics, air, and water resources.

Permit Planning, Procurement, and Compliance

The importance of initial permit planning cannot be understated, and if not handled properly can grind work to a halt on a project or result in violations or significant fines. Permits for stormwater management, sewer discharge, air emissions, solid waste handling, drilling, well pumping, chemical storage, and construction in wetlands or coastal areas are a few examples of common permits required at the federal, state, or municipal levels. Procurement and maintenance of these permits require qualified individuals with experience navigating the system.

Dewatering Design and Management

Impact Environmental has distinguished itself as an expert consultant and design engineer for construction dewatering and water treatment systems. Based on a fundamental understanding of multiple dewatering approaches, such as deep wells, well-point systems, and conventional sump systems. Our groundwater management services are geared towards testing, approval, documentation, and discharge or disposal of contaminated groundwater or wastewater.

Phase I ESA

Defining true environmental liability starts here. Our clients rely upon our Phase I ESAs to avoid buying unknown problems or long-term environmental liabilities, and to provide third-party entities with an accurate idea of the property’s value as collateral. By following American Standard for Testing and Materials standards (ASTM E1527-13), our Phase I ESAs serve as due diligence to establish a proper “innocent landowner” defense by meeting “All Appropriate Inquiries (AAI)” requirements. When a full Phase I ESA is not warranted, we offer alternatives such as Transaction Screens (ASTM 1528-06), Vapor Encroachment Screening (ASTM E2600-10), or Building Materials Surveys (asbestos containing materials, lead based paint, mold, PCBs, mercury, and more).

Phase II ESA

Comprehensive client liability protection is our deliverable, with an exceptional standard of care that is applied to every project. Where Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) are identified, we design and execute an appropriate Phase II ESA to protect our clients from unnecessary risk. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows for quick response time and efficient data collection, while offering more flexibility and cost reduction to our clients. For instance, Impact Environmental owns and operates a fleet of Geoprobe® vehicle-mounted hydraulic probing systems that can be quickly mobilized to collect soil, groundwater, or vapor samples. This enables us to deliver a highly accurate professionally crafted report that precisely defines environmental issues. Findings reports are confidentially retained in our electronic archive library for future client support.

Environmental Justice

Community Outreach

Impact Environmental Performs Professional Community Outreach Services to support companies that operate within OBC mapped areas. The services include the following:

  • Environmental Justice Impact Statements
  • Environmental Justice Audit Optimization
  • Community Event Scheduling, Hosting and Presentations
  • Mandatory Community Event Notifications – Print and Digital Media
  • Professional Permitting Guidance
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