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Impact Materials is a large-scale commercial supplier of recycled and virgin aggregate products.

All materials received at our facilities that are used to manufacture products are tested for quality control using our in-house geotechnical laboratory and a third-party certified commercial environmental testing laboratory.


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The Impact Reuse and Recovery Center (IRRC) is a one of a kind Class B, Historic Fill Recycling Facility located in Lyndhurst, New Jersey – just 8 miles outside the Lincoln tunnel and 13 miles from the George Washington Bridge. Situated on 5 acres with an additional 6 acres of support facilities and buildings, the IRRC facility includes inbound and outbound certified scales, and truck wash amenities. Products are manufactured using a variety of screening and crushing operations that are arranged to produce 8 varieties of product. All of these products are quality controlled tested and certified clean. The size and quality of facilities makes IRRC a favorite of companies supplying commercial clients throughout New York and New Jersey.

Inventory Control

Inventory is tracked using a drone-based GPS coordinate system that allows inventory stockpile volume measurements with high precision. This is the only way that product stockpile sampling and analysis can be properly metered and certified. Drone derived area and volume values can be exported in annotated maps of our product yards as .pdf files. The pdf overlays can be added to any 2D map. Resources and products entering, and exiting are metered, by weight, using two New Jersey Department of Weights and Measures certified scales. The scale outputs are available for real time monitoring for clients and/or their engineers upon request. Tight control of our inventory means we can meet our clients’ needs on time and budget.

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