Project Value $8 million

State-of-the-art Campus

Columbia University built a new state-of-the-art campus in the Manhattanville neighborhood of Harlem, New York.

The construction manager, Lend Lease Construction, Inc., planned to utilize top-down construction techniques to complete the project in a timely manner that is sensitive to the surrounding community. The excavation for the building footprint encompasses several city blocks that have historic industrial and commercial land-uses.

From design to execution, the Impact team provided the kind of foresight and knowledge on the Columbia Manhattanville project that kept us on schedule and on budget. They truly felt like my project partners.

John Lombardi, President


Impact was retained to assist in the selecting of waste management options for the 90’ excavation needed for the new university campus. Particular recycling goals were set for the project which made it a unique challenge. This project was tasked with statistically sampling dozens of real properties that encompass the project for purposes of recycling/beneficial reuse material for capping Brownfield sites and mine reclamation. The large scale project had to strictly adhere to the $8 million budget. Impact Environmental needed to assist in the characterization of all soil and fill materials. Then help determine the proper option for recycling of soils and historical fill material. This included stabilizing wet matter excavated from below the Manhattan water table. Interdisciplinary stabilization and disposal had to be identified for options including concrete slurry and bentonite waste.

Subsequent phases of the project are expected to follow as planned and with the continued support of Impact Environmental.


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