The value of corporate-owned legacy real estate assets bottomed in the early 1990s predominantly due to strict application of joint and several liability for environmental damage recoveries.

For 28 years, IMPACT Environmental has been working with Fortune 500 companies and real estate developers to craft its expertise to become a one-of-a-kind legacy asset “Brownfield” property expert. IMPACT Environmental has found a way to generate value in Brownfield properties where none previously existed. The value is measured from both tangible and intangible metrics that are important in today’s corporate cultures. They consider the many stakeholders that are involved with a Brownfield redevelopment project.

Property Acquisition

In search of opportunity, we seek to purchase non-performing Brownfield properties in an “as-is” state. When we identify opportunity, our in-house staff performs a cross-platform engineering analysis to identify the costs associated with facilities decommissioning and site remediation and profit potential in recaptured market value. Understanding the relationship property owners and their brand have with the community both before and after purchase, a project plan is developed to detail how work will be completed. After discussions with the seller, their specific demands and deadlines are identified for the corporate accounting and reporting, and integrated into the plan. Plan iterations are generated toward creation of a final written offering. When the seller agrees with all of the terms of the offering, contracts can be negotiated with set legal requirements and obligations. Transfer, on an all cash basis, is executed.

One uniform vision; many important stakeholders

Project stakeholders include Brownfield property owners, redevelopers, regulators, end-users, the community that will live with the project, and all of the press coverage that the project will receive. Understanding and deftly addressing ALL stakeholder concerns and perceptions is what sets us apart in Brownfield redevelopment.

Unified services platform

Not all projects demand the same expertise, so we have arranged our corporate divisions to make Brownfield-based services scalable. We can offer world-class services that exceed any projects demands. This can be done as we are divided into divisions that have compounding capabilities.